Thursday, January 28, 2021


The prophets are holding true to the message that the usurpers will be destroyed. Righteousness will win a victory.

The prophets are correct and even as we reach a week after the inauguration, the scripture attests to the fact that actions are underway to recover those who have been taken captive by usurpers. In the way that Abraham mustered his army to recover his people, the LORD mustered His army and pursued the usurpers to recover His people and He destroyed the pretenders to pwower and is bringing back His people in celebration and joyous shouting.

In Isaiah 13, the Lord, when bringing the destruction to the enemy, He gathers His consecratrated ones and even His mighty warriors. In the same way that Abraham mustered his army of 318 men of his house,  the LORD  mustered the army of the soldiers of His house and conducted a victorious raid on the kings of this earth to break apart the system of the world and restore His people.

ISAIAH 13 verse 4

 A sound of a roar on the mountains, Like that of many people!

A sound of an uproar of kingdoms, Of nations gathered together!

The Lord of armies is mustering the army for battle


When Abram heard that his relative had been taken captive, he led (mustered) out his trained men, born in his house, numbering 318, and went in pursuit as far as Dan.

Then he divided [l]his forces against them by night, he and his servants, and defeated them, and pursued them as far as Hobah, which is north of Damascus.

He brought back all the possessions, and also brought back his relative Lot with his possessions, and also the women, and the other people. 

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