Saturday, March 20, 2021


Having reached an understanding that an eternal sentient being is a necessary requirement for our own conscious existence and that that being has left clues in the nature of human consciousness as to His interest in us and his proximity to us, we are left to ponder on what the minimum capacities of such a being to create the universe in which we live would be.

To try to get to a rough minimum, one would have to start by looking at the capabilities of a regular  human being and then extrapolating them to a level where creating the universe is minimally possible.

First, consider the energy factor. A human being's  energy output is very limited and is contingent on the materials available around that human being.   He can expend energy on a particular project or enterprise. Of course this energy is derived from existing sources of energy made available by mechanisms on which the human is dependent but not responsible for. 

If a man were to build a wall, he could lift the bricks one upon another using energy which he could have extracted from his lunch of potatoes. He could have farmed these potatoes himself but in truth, the man has no part in engineering the potato's life and certainly no part in the chemical process of ingesting carbohydrates and converting them to sugar that then gets used in the process of providing energy to cells. It is in this way that a human being is a contingent cog in a process that runs entirely without his guidance and often without his awareness.

To extrapolate the equivalent capacity of the God of this universe, one would have to first understand that His energy cannot be sourced from a source outside of Himself. The energy needed to create a universe (which is stupendously vast) is contained and has been owned by God for the entirety of His eternal existence.

Second, He would have to have the ability  to control and channel this energy in any fashion He desired. The ability is the equivalent in a human of deliberate using His energy to place bricks to create a wall design of his choosing. The human being's conscious mind provides him with intentions,  purposes, preferences and then the impetuous to move his arms and fingers to cause a desired result in the corporeal world. In God's case, the energy He owns is fully controlled by His  faculties of harnessing His energy for His intentions, purposes, preferences and the impetus to act. 

God's enterprise of creating the universe represents His expenditure of an amount of this energy.  The amount of energy would be the totaling of all the zero point energy in the universe, the energy contained in all the stars in all the galaxies in the universe, all the energy burnt off by all the stars in all the universe and all the other energies that hold the fabric of the material universe together and hold the structure of the universe in place.

Further to that, whatever the  number is, one must include the additional energies used for building supporting platforms, fabrications, transfers, storage costs, constraints, formation, routing, calibration and cleanup.

The final number in terms of kilo joules is beyond conceptualization by the human being. With our limited capabilities, we are able to deliberately expend a certain amount of joules to bring a project to completion.  As well, humans are able to mitigate our physical and mental limitations by devising tools and machines to amplify our efforts  so that  we can accelerate and increase the scope of our pursuits. As big as we are able to build, we remain derivative and contingent beings because humans are derived from sources we have no control over. Each human is derived from a pair of preexisting humans and further to that, the material that represents the physical existence of a human is derived from plant and animal life and other materials from the world around them. We are contingent in the sense that our ability to live depends on the continuation of biological functions  that are supplied with a unceasing flow of air, water, food and warmth.

Without these, we cease to be able to participate in the experience of life. On the other hand, God is not derivative nor is He contingent. His output is purely from His own resources and His own facilities.

He, compared to us, is colossal. He looks at us in our limited state and loves us. After all, we are made in His "image" which means we look like Him and we are also made in His "likeness" which means we are made to operate like Him.  We are similes of God writ very small. To understand the relationship better, one would have to understand that we are desperately dependent on him to live in the barest physical sense.

Our limited state has us in a perpetually dependent state. Ultimately, our dependence is on the provision made by a limitless being who has concerned Himself with us enough to provide what we are derived from and what we are contingent on.

I conclude this segment with this point: Whether we know it or not, our greatest dependency  is salvation. We are complete unable to save ourselves from the consequences of our own rebellion  against the God who made us. Our own fallen condition has routed us away from the God who is our ultimate source and supply in the universe we dwell in. If this drift away from God were not mitigated, our end would be destruction for each person. We were designed to be dependent on God but we chose to live in the universe apart from Him. 

The God who is our ultimate  provider, is also the provider of the only means of salvation for us. We can call upon to the name of our God to be saved through the Lord Jesus of Nazareth who suffered a blood soaked death on a cross to pay for our rebellious state of sinfulness. 

In the end, a human apart from God would drift in eternal darkness having rebelled and then refused the redemption offered by His creator.  Do not refuse the offer. 

Friday, March 19, 2021


The universe is grand.

It is grand in scale, grand in complexity, grand in beauty, grand in mystery and grand in conception.

The God who made the universe would himself have superlative attributes that vastly supersede the grandness of the universe.

His attributes would reach far beyond the imagination of  any beings who  lived within the confines of the universe He created.

Some speculators have discounted the concept God and declared that existence has some mechanism of creating itself or some infinitely recessionary creative process that depends on no conscious initiator.  

This is of course a foolish pretension. Infinite recursion is not a problem to casually write off as a limitation of human understanding. Infinite recursion nullifies our existence and without a conscious being to bifurcate infinity,  non-existence continues forever or existence continues in a stable state forever. No big bang and not emergence of life.   

A superlative God is the only logically possible  fonz et origo of the realm we live in. 

To correctly reach this conclusion will bring you to a fork in the road. Is the God who made the universe a God who created everything we know and went on to other things far beyond our reach  or is He, as many claim, interested in the universe and the people who spring from it

An absent God is more logical than no God at all but given the propensities of humans on this earth to argue this point through eons of time, a present God would  be the superior option. The emergence of a God-questioning species implies that a creative God built the human template with the desire to find the reason for their creation and perhaps even to know the nature of the being that made them. It is way more logical to conclude that a very present God exists and does so within reach of the human species.

This God is willing and able to intercept the course of human history and even go so far as to give His life to redeem us from the ghastly predicament our own nature brought us to.

The God who sacrifices His life to save men from destruction is the ultimate superlative being and His name is Jesus of Nazareth.

Thursday, March 18, 2021


The Lord's justice will prevail over the power of darkness. He bring low those who said that God does not hear or does not see.

He knows all things and everything done in secret will be made plain. 

He will shake the earth and a massive smoldering pit will appear in the earth and everyone's heart will tremble.

Trust in the Lord for His redemption is near. Call upon the name of the Lord and be saved.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Rest in the Lord for He is made strong when you are weak.

The Lord is my shepherd.   I shall not want. He maketh me lie down in green pastures. He leadeth me beside still waters. He restoreth my soul. He leadeth me on paths of righteousness for His name's sake. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021


There is an uneasiness in the atmosphere. A time of judgement approaches.  

There are those who say that they are the lords and masters of the earth.

The world will soon show that there is no-one who can usurp the  authority of the creator on the earth.

A vast chasm will open up and none will have any say in it. It shall take up the waters and the nations will be brought low.

Only Jesus Christ will have the capacity to resolve the calamity. 


First, an earthquake well over 9.0 

Second, a volcanic eruption that defies description.

Third, a tsunami of the scale not yet seen

Forth, a receding of sea level by 200 feet as water pours into an undersea cauldron.

Fifth, a major economic disruption.

Monday, March 15, 2021


It has been said that the air has changed. It is rumbling and trembling causing anxiety or uneasiness.

As for me, I just have a foreboding of what is to come but if I were sensitive to spiritual atmospheres, I bet I would feel it as a rumble or a tremble or a deep rolling thunder.

The intensity builds as the spirit world brushes up against the corporeal realm. 

The event will strike and the whole world will not be same again. Those who imagined that they could usurp already functional countries to try their totalitarian experiments will discovery that their ambitions will die in the face of catastrophe.  After all, they planned to  route the wealth of  nations to themselves.  In the absence of wealth and indeed routes, their ideology collapses back into the sludge from whence it came.

The truth become primal and the Christ Jesus becomes the apex towards whom all  things aim. 

His day fast approaches.  

Sunday, March 14, 2021


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Fear the Lord for He is toweringly powerful. He has all power in his hands. 

The day of the Lord will arrive and you will fear the Lord anyway when you see the fearsome events that take place.

The Lord, as strong as He is, has made a way to bring you into a wonderful relationship with Him. Through His Son Jesus Christ, you can be part of the security of His family and be joined to your creator as a child of God.

Shortly, events will cause the fear of God into the whole world. Very soon, a monstrous volcanic event will cause an earthquake and a tsunami that will bring consternation around the globe. 

Fear the Lord.