Thursday, April 15, 2021


The Lord is from everlasting to everlasting. His eternal existence complimented by all knowledge, all wisdom, all light, all love and all power. 

Any of these attributes located in any other place or being is originally issued from the abundance of God.

However mighty any such other being may seem, they are but a slight vapor in the face of the Almighty God.

The Lord God supersedes any being's ability to comprehend or even imagine His power and might. 

The mighty God, as powerful as He is, is also humble. His attribute of humility and lowlyness is an astounding thing to ponder because it places humbleness as an expressed attribute of God. The vice of pride, which we can all be guilty of, is therefore completely out of place when keeping in view that the originator of the universe is Himself down-to-earth.

Humbly seek the Lord for He is lowly at heart and is approachable by those who are humble inspite of His incomprehensible power and might. In your heart, fear Him because He is a consuming fire and His reach and power are absolute.


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