Wednesday, July 13, 2022


Genesis chapter 41 verse 30 says this;

but seven years of famine will follow them. Then all the abundance in Egypt will be forgotten, and the famine will ravage the land.

This verse records the words of Joseph that he  spoke to Pharaoh to explain the meanings of Pharaoh's two dreams.

Pharaoh described his first dream as seven fat cows grazing by the river Nile then 7 scrawny cows emerged and ate the fat ones.

The second dream was that a stalk with seven healthy heads of grain was devoured by a stalk with seven thin and scorched heads of grain.

Joseph, having been given insight by the Lord, revealed that the two dreams were pointing to the same thing. Seven good years of agricultural production were going to begin and then they would be followed by seven years of severe famine.

Interestingly, Joseph also revealed in verse 32, that the fact that there were two forms of the same revelation meant that God had firmly decided on this course of history and that it would begin very soon.

Joseph laid out a plan for Egypt to survive the severe famine by using the seven good years to store up the food required for the seven bad years.

Pharoah, when looking for the person he could put in charge of implementing the survival plan, quickly realised that Joseph, the one who revealed the meaning of the dream and the plan of mitigating its effects, was the correct person to place in charge of the resources of Egypt .

It was this that took Joseph from a prison cell to the highest administrative office in Egypt under Pharaoh himself.

As Psalm 40 verse 2 says;

He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.


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