Wednesday, January 06, 2021


As the electors from the states began to be counted, a peculiar set of events occurred. 

First, Vice President Mike Pence made a call that implied that he had no intention of defending President trump in the effort to make get the election audited and properly validated.

Suddenly, a group of people who were embedded in of the crowd supporting president Trump, made a move to the capitol building and pushed through the security forces and got into the various offices and chambers.  These people did not appear to be supporters of  President Trump  even though some actual supporters followed them into the building. A trump supporter was shot by security and later died.

Congress convened again after the area was cleared and the counting resumed.

President Trump is being roundly blamed for the incident and has lost some supporters in the houses of congress who had declared that they would object to some of Biden's electors.

In spite of this false flag incident, President Trump will still be elected president and the trusted prophets of our Lord Jesus Christ have declared that the world will celebrate when the truth in revealed and President Trump is declared the winner.

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