Friday, January 15, 2021


On Friday afternoon January 15th 2021, I was out in my isolated spot and I felt that the spiritual atmosphere has changed. The heavens are open and there is a clarity in the skies. 

Some massive inversions have occurred over these parts where spiritual powers and principalities have been swept away. 

The stunning power of the Most High God. He has given power to His bride and she is beginning to sense her strength in her Lord Jesus Christ.

The gates of hell will NOT prevail against her.

I give thanks to Him who died for us and saved us and now is on the throne of heaven and earth.  We did not know the wickedness that was planned for us. We were not prepared and we were preoccupied. The power of darkness encircled us and engulfed us while we were unawares and we were powerless to save our selves. 

The mighty Redeemer intervened and saved us. May we forever honor Him for the great mercy and compassion He has shown to us.

Praise the Lord Jesus.

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