Friday, March 12, 2021


There is nothing, absolutely nothing, in all existence, that is  like the Lord Jesus. There is no one who is equivalent. There is nothing that can compare. 

The Lord Jesus Christ is not the equivalent of any acclaimed person on earth. Jesus is the God of the universe. He made the universe. We humans are made based on His template. We look like him and we operate like him writ small.

All other pretenders to religious importance are absolutely nothing in comparison with the Lord Jesus Christ who is the king of heaven and earth. Jesus Christ is the only one who can save a human soul.  All other religious leaders are portending to lead those who are blind but are instead leading their followers into  the domain of darkness.

When you encounter Jesus, you will be shocked to find that He is approachable but that He is a person who has so much gravity that it feels like you are disintegrating in His presence. He is infinitely loving and also terrifyingly powerful. 

To get to the condition where you can encounter Jesus, you must get into a stance of humility and contrition.  You are separate from Jesus Christ because of your rebellious nature and that rebellious nature is incompatible with contact with the Lord Jesus. To recognize your own rebellious heart towards the things of God is the first step towards approaching God.

The next step is to be humble before the Lord. The stance of genuine contrition is the only marker that you can present that will allow you to approach the presence of the Lord to seek his redemption. The bible says that "God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble." (James 4 verse 6).  God will not despise or reject the sincerely humble and contrite heart. 

The superlative greatness of the Lord Jesus was such that he made it possible for a contrite heart to be accepted by the Holy God by providing the sacrifice of His own life through His own death on a cross.  This sacrifice of His life was a universal demonstration of the perfect holiness of the God and the Son of God. It was the definitive proof that He had the right  of Kingship of heaven and earth and He had the right to save His people.

Best all, the only thing that humans have to do to be saved is to believe in Him so as not to perish but to have everlasting life.

This Jesus who made this route to salvation possible is by far the most important person for you to know and to believe in.

Make every effort in the time you are alive to recognize your current separation from God. Then believe in the Lord Jesus to the degree that you can humble yourself before Him so that he can issue salvation and eternal life to you.

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