Thursday, April 08, 2021


A perfect, infinite, eternal, sinless, righteous person suffered the death of the worst possible mortal sinner. 

What could the result of such an imbalanced  transaction be?

Jesus was the best possible man. His life was flawless by the measure of the strictest of law systems. He served the poor selflessly. He spent His days going about His  Father's business. He healed the sick of all manner of diseases and injuries. He brought truth to the ears of men; the very words of life. He even raised people from the dead.

At his trials in the Roman courts, no crime could be found to have been committed by Him. Though accusers came forward, they contradicted themselves and the Roman judge could find not fault in Him by the standard of the laws on earth.

Nevertheless, for political expediency on both the Roman side and the Israel side, Jesus was condemned to be executed by crucifixion.

The death He suffered was the punishment usually meted out to the worst possible criminals. These were the men who had led people astray with  frauds that destroyed their lives and who had maimed others  and who had even murdered the innocent. They were the ones  who merited the penalty of crucifixion.

The greatest possible imbalance was staged when Jesus, the perfect Son of God, was executed as though He were an evil murderer.

After His death on the cross came the judgment in the courts of the spirit realm.  The accusers assembled to find fault with the one who died in order to justify His execution and His descent into hell.

In the same way Jesus could not be convicted of a crime by the Roman court, Jesus was found faultless in the spiritual court. No accusation could stand against Him by the world of spirits who have access to more knowledge than the knowledge of men. No secret fault could be found  in Him and His perfection in His obedience to God the Father was his vindication and His victory.  He routed the accusing powers and authorities, disarming them and making them a public spectacle. 

Jesus  came humbly to the earth as a person completely undistinguishable from other men. He was born in the small irrelevant village of Bethlehem. His birth place was a stable where animals are kept at night.  He lived a life of lowly service even to the last day of His life on earth.

This humble man then emerged into His  full majestic glory. His absolute authority in heaven and earth was firmly and permanently established.

In a thundering demonstration of power, the King Jesus descended into the hellish headquarters of the powers of darkness a strode into the chambers where men's souls were imprisoned.

He proclaimed the good news to the captives in hell and rose up with those who believed in Him from the abode of the dead and raised them from the grave as the first fruits of His own resurrection.

This very Jesus was seen by many witnesses after His resurrection around Jerusalem and after forty days of meeting people and teaching them many things, He visibly ascended into heaven where He was gloriously coroneted  as the supreme monarch of heaven and earth. He was seated at the right hand of God the Father which is the highest administrative authority in all creation.

He has the power to save men from their appointments with death and destruction. Men know that their own reckless and sinful lives speak condemnation against them.  Their hearts warn them that there will be a recompense for their deeds. 

What they don't have is the knowledge that the great King shed His blood to ransom them from the partnership with darkness that they forged with their rebellious lives. His blood speaks the same words He spoke on the cross as He died, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do".

His blood speaks forgiveness and pardon for sin and as the great Lord, Jesus confers this forgiveness and pardon to any who would believe in Him and those who believe that Jesus has the authority to forgive sins.

Any person has the privilege to receive God's forgiveness and pardon. Any person who hears the good news of what Jesus has done for us  by His death and sincerely trusts in it will be given the right to become a child of God.

If you have even a modicum of belief in your heart that this Jesus described here did indeed die to pay for your sins, then do not resist the opportunity to reach out to the Lord Jesus  and ask Him for His forgiveness and His pardon. 

You will be changed into a child of God and translated from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of light which is the Kingdom of our God.

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