Monday, May 03, 2021


The very God who made us, knew that our free nature would lead us into a state of rebellion against Him.

Yet He wanted free people who could, as free entities, willingly choose the path of God.

Having chosen the life of rebellion, it is not easy to turn against our intrinsic nature and live a live of abandon to God. In fact, everything in us and around us works very hard to keep us in a perpetual state of enmity with God.

But the Lord is a capable shepard and is well able to provide all that is needed to guide His people to the knowledge of His salvation and persuade them that they want a relationship with God rather than with the king of darkness.

The darkness tries to disguise itself as a kingdom of light and  it clothes itself with promises of pleasure.

We live for a while in this realm and for some of us, the Lord lets us see the shallow futility of living selfishly and engaging in deeds approved by the agents of darkness. We know that we must find away out before we are engulfed in the miasma of savagery and mediocrity.

It is at precisely this time that a sliver of the gospel is offered to us and we are awakened to the possibility of redemption from our evil ways and our evil fate.

The Lord God is good. He has paid the costly price to redeem you. He is presenting the offer of the free gift of salvation.  

Accept this gift and be saved.

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