Saturday, May 08, 2021


We humans are under the dominion of darkness. We are consigned to darkness because we, as a race, forfeited our sovereign position of leadership we were give over the earth.

The Lord our God, not willing to lose any of us, provided a way for salvation through the suffering and death of His only Son, Jesus. 

The death He underwent secured for us who believe a reprieve from our sentence of darkness. His subsequent resurrection granted us a chance to rise with Him into His kingdom of righteousness. 

Without this hope, we are doomed to existing in eternal darkness forever. This is not the environment we were made for. We were made for light and love and hope and life. For creatures like us, living eternally in a realm of darkness, hate, doom and death would be an unbearable existence.

The Lord Jesus paid the high price for us and is willing to save all those who call upon Him  asking for salvation from an eternity in darkness. 

He will not overlook the request of a humble heart. 


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