Tuesday, May 25, 2021


The Lord our Father rejoices over us. An example of this joy is illustrated in the story of the prodigal son who returns to his father's house after a long absence. 

Whereas the son has already accepted that he will be relegated to servitude and scorn,  his father, seeing his son approaching from a distance, is filled with mercy and joy and calls for a great feast to celebrate his son's arrival. The father gladly restores the son to sonship and gives him a signet ring of authority in His house.

Such is our Lord's joy over us. The bible says that God sings and dances over us. When we are made alive in God through the resurrection of Jesus Christ who had died to redeem us, we come into contact with the Joy that our father has for us and by induction, find our spirit filled with great joy.

This joy is our strength in the natural world but especially in the spiritual realm. When we walk in the spirit, the joy of the the Lord is our source of energy and vitality.

Waiting on the Lord and then reaching Him by His grace is a sure way to be infused with the joy of the Lord. We will find that we can move easily and fluidly in the spirit and we can remain in the spirit for extended periods.

The joy that we then emit is part of the fruit of the spirit in our lives,



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