Wednesday, May 26, 2021


Our Lord created us in His image. In fact, if you take a human being and extrapolate all his creativity, knowledge, power and dexterity to an  infinite degree, you end up with a being that is almost the same as God. In fact, the only real difference would be that God is eternal while the extrapolated person would be temporal. 

We have God's attributes in us that make us look like God and operate like God.

However, God's attributions are shaped in a way that our attributions are not.   God is perfectly righteous and just and loving and kind and patient and forgiving.

We, on the other hand, practice unrighteousness, injustice, lovelessness, unkindness, impatience and unforgiveness. We actually go much further than this. We behave wickedly towards others and we act carelessly with other people. We sometime scheme to harm others and even rally other people to bring harm to innocent and defenceless people.

This vast gulf between God's attributes and our attributes is what separates us from God. As long as we are participants in the practices of the kingdom of darkness, we are never able to perceive God or His kingdom. As long as we remain in our default state, we find ourselves desperately seeking for the meaning of our lives.

As we search, we feel that we are in a meaningless world in which we have no purpose and we sense that our lives will  have amounted to nothing  when we die.

Many people try to gin up meaning from decisions we make in our lives. Some of us pursue pleasure or perhaps we commit to social or political causes to try to get a sense of purpose but in the end, we feel as empty as when we started. 

We are doomed to continue the fruitless search for meaning unless we encounter the God who personally created us.

Our creator has provided the remedy for our unbridgable distance from Him. He provided the Son of God as a sacrifice to atone for our sinful lives. The perfectly righteous, just, loving, kind, patient and forgiving God died on a cross for us so that the guilt of our sins could be taken off of us and placed on the Son of God.

By hearing this new and believing it to be true and accepting that we need the salvation of God by the removal of our sins, we are returned to right standing with God. The chasm that existed between God and those who believe in His sacrifice, is removed.

We find ourselves born anew. We discover that God is not far off and unknowable but rather that He is near and approachable when we are brought to Him by the Lord Jesus who suffered and died for us.

Jesus our Lord, having risen from the dead and being alive forever is proof that the sacrifice of His life for all our sins was accepted and that we are believing in a true hope.

Instead of yearning for God and wondering if He exists, we are suddenly in free contact with Him and learning that we can hear His voice and that the meaning of our lives can only be derived from Him.

Bless the Lord. 


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