Wednesday, August 18, 2021


The Lord our God made us. He constructed the human being as a peculiar hybrid of spirit, soul and body.

We humans are an encapsulation writ small of the image and operation of the God of the universe. This awesome privilege gives us a high status in creation as stewards and trustees of the things of God but with that privilege  comes moral responsibility. 

Presently, humans have deviated from moral law and have set up outposts in the most wretched moral depravity imaginable. The most evil things conceivable are routine occurrences in the human story from extreme cruelty to vicious predatory behaviour.

Why are we like this? 

There was a time that the human race could have cleaved to God and paralleled His moral path by being subject to Him. Our progenitor Adam however, at a critical point of decision,  chose a path that availed the full spectrum of moral options to him. 

By choosing to eat the fruit of the tree of good and evil, the human race decoupled from the life of God and drifted into independence from God where we could do as we pleased and where other parties other than our creator could have  influence over the life and  destiny of our entire species.

The Lord our God, having experienced us cutting ourselves loose from Him, nevertheless, undertook to save mankind from a fate of death that we had chosen for ourselves. 

God presented us an offer where we could decide if we wanted to return to union with Him or if we wanted to stay separate from Him and take our chances with the 'other' parties.

This option was presented to us through the death of our Lord Jesus on a cross where He paid the price for our rebellion. We could either accept the price that Jesus paid for us or we could reject it.

Those of us who feel convicted in our hearts and feel that rebellion against God is the wrong stance for the human race, have been given the opportunity to take up God's offer by  believing in the provision that God made of His Son's death on the cross and recanting our part in the rebellion.

By believing in the sacrifice Jesus made, we are opting back into union with God and recoupling our moral path to God's.

The invitation to opt in with God, though open,  is finite and expires either when we die or when a fixed number of people around the world accept the offer.

This is what we must do to accept the offer of God: 

We  must believe in Jesus's sacrificial death to redeem us.

We must then repent of our sins which are the hallmarks of our participation in the rebellion against God.   

Do these two things and begin the journey back to the Kingdom of God. 

He welcomes us with joy and open arms.


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