Sunday, August 22, 2021


By His wisdom and power, the great God of Israel created all things. Everything that is made was made by Him.  

In exquisite detail and balance, the Lord stretched out the universe to bring into existence the worlds and  raw materials which is the stuff that make up our very selves and the realms we occupy. 

This enterprise undertaken by God was to achieve a particular goal which centrally involved the gaining of people who freely loved Him and who voluntarily became His functionaries in all matters of His kingdom both great and small.

The way to love God freely is to hear His offer of salvation and to believe the news that Jesus died for us to redeem us from darkness. As the bible says, "those who are forgiven much, love much".

To believe the news and to recognize the sin from which we are being saved is to gain a hold of the love for the Lord who saved us. For this, there is no qualification. In what ever state we are, the Lord of heaven will grant forgiveness for sins if asked. 

The side effect of loving God is to gain a desire to serve Him but, to become a functionary of God requires a qualification process. 

 The qualifications are these:

- willingness to meet with the Lord in prayer

- willingness to obey His commands

These are the two progressions that we need to become effective as functionaries for the Lord.

We should endeavour to convert our love for God into action in His service.


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