Friday, October 08, 2021


Our Lord and Messiah appears in two ways in the ancient books of the prophets.

In some depictions of Him, He is seen as a servant who suffers indignities, grief  and pain and of no distinction in His appearance or status.

In other depictions, He is shown as an apex monarch whose great power and authority over His kingdom are overwhelming and whose righteousness and justice ultimately prevail on the earth.

The two Messiahs have puzzled people for thousands of years but when Jesus suddenly appeared in history, the mysterious  dichotomy of two Messiahs was clarified for once and for all.

Jesus came as a servant who was acquainted with suffering and who came to intense grief and pain that ultimately culminated in His ignominious death on a cross.

He was the suffering Messiah but Jesus Himself, as He was going through the trial for His life, announced that the glorious Messiah was in fact Himself. As the suffering servant was nearing the end of His life, He heralded His return as the resplendent and majestic King of heaven and earth. 

In Mark Chapter 14 verse 61 and 62, the scriptures say this:

Again the high priest was questioning Him, and saying to Him, “Are You the Christ, the Son of the Blessed One?” And Jesus said, “I am; and you shall see THE SON OF MAN SITTING AT THE RIGHT HAND OF POWER, and COMING WITH THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN.” 

This statement was a major  catalyst that propelled the political powers of the time to have Jesus killed and were successful in getting the suffering servant crucified.

As it says in 1 Corrinthians 7 and 8, but we speak God’s wisdom in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God predestined before the ages to our glory; 8the wisdom which none of the rulers of this age has understood; for if they had understood it they would not have crucified the Lord of glory; 

What was unknown to them was that Jesus, in His humble and vulnerable condition was also the mighty King of all things and that He would rise up from the death they sentenced Him to, set up His kingdom on earth and then would return in a blistering display of might where the whole earth would tremble at His appearing.

This is the story of the suffering servant and the mighty King of kings being the same person and who shall return to judge the living and the dead.

Bless His name forever.


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