Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Isaiah chapter 15 verses 3 - 7, speaking of the destruction of the land of Moab, says this;

In the streets they wear sackcloth; on the roofs and in the public square they all wail, prostrate with weeping. Heshbon and Elealeh cry out, their voices are heard all the way to Jahaz.

Therefore the armed men of Moab cry out, and their hearts are faint. My heart cries out over Moab; her fugitives flee as far as Zoar, as far as Eglath Shelishiyah. They go up the hill to Luhith,  weeping as they go; on the road to Horonaim  they lament their destruction.

The waters of Nimrim are dried up and the grass is withered; the vegetation is gone and nothing green is left.

So the wealth they have acquired and stored up they carry away over the Ravine of the Poplars.

The cities of Moab are destroyed and their inhabitants become grieving refugees wandering through the inhospitable land.

The agricultural areas suffer drought so that rivers dry up and all vegetation is gone. 

The wealth they have stored up does not help them in this calamity and they carry it with them as they leave.

Such is the dreadful condition of Moab and the power behind Moab who was judged for his arrogance, his conceit, his rage and his deceptive boasting. 

Bless the Lord whose great power overwhelms the powers of darkness.


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