Wednesday, July 20, 2022


Joshua chapter 19 verse 13, referring to the border that was drawn around the land given to the tribe of Zebulun, says this;

Then it continued eastward to Gath Hepher and Eth Kazin; it came out at Rimmon and turned toward Neah.

This verse is part of the point-to-point de-lineation of the allocation for Jacob's tenth son, Zebulun. This land was in the area south-west of the Sea of Galilee but inland from the Mediteranian Sea.

Thus far, the tribes of Judah, Joseph, Gad and Reuben had already been assigned their territories because Moses had allocated it to them  for their service to the Lord. 

The tribe of Levi, having been given the priesthood as their inheritance, were not assigned land but were given 48 towns in which to live and maintain their livestock. These towns were from among the towns that had already been given to the other tribes of Israel

The remaining tribes cast lots to determine the order of assignment of land and Benjamin, the last born son of Jacob, was picked first, Simeon was second and Zebulun was third.

Zebulun's inheritance included twelve towns and their villages.

Of these twelve towns, four of them were assigned to the priestly clan called the Merarites who descended from the Levitic priests.

Bless the Lord who allots us all a portion to inherit.


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