Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Ezekiel chapter 4 verse 11 says this;

Also measure out a sixth of a hin of water and drink it at set times.

Chapter 4 of the book of Ezekiel records the commands that the Lord gave to Ezekiel to enact a siege against the city of Jerusalem in symbolic gestures in the sight of the people.

Ezekiel was instructed to take a block  of clay, draw Jerusalem on it and then mount a siege against the representation of Jerusalem. He was to erect ramps, build encampments against it and deploy battering rams around it.

Ezekiel was then instructed to lie on his left side in front of the model city for 390 days to bear the sins of Israel which were for 390 years.

After that was completed, he then was to lie on his right side for 40 days to bear the sin of Judah which were for 40 years.

The Lord then instructed Ezekiel to prepare the food and drink he was to consume during the enactment of the seige of Jerusalem. He was to measure out rations of grains and lentils of 230 grams a day to represent the hunger that the people in Jerusalem would experience under siege.

For water, he was to measure out about a sixth of a liter of water for each day. This tiny ration of water per day was to represent the thirst that the people of Jerusalem would experience under the approaching siege.

The Lord commanded that Ezekiel's elaborate enactment be in full view of everyone so that everyone would have fair warning of the upcoming judgement.


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