Thursday, February 18, 2021


The Lord Jesus Christ is the perfect Lamb of God who gave his life as a sacrifice on the cross and endured the maximal test that can be undertaken while in the human frame.

On the cross, He was under extreme levels of fatigue, pain, fear, grief, isolation, weakness, hunger, thirst, and rejection. In spite of this,  He did not break the mandate that His Father charged Him with. Right up to His death, He perfectly completed everything that his Father gave him to do.

Even more astonishing than the fact that Jesus voluntarily gave himself over to be crucified is the fact that the Lord Jesus could have at any time called a halt to the proceedings. He had the power to escape from the process the whole time but He voluntarily stayed the course through the most terrifying portions of the Roman crucifixion because His absolute fidelity to His  Father exceeded the suffering He endured.

Passing this test earned him the highest throne in existence and He sits at the right hand of God the Father from where He will come to judge the living and the dead. 

His privilege for having been proven worthy of the throne is to be given all the people on earth who believe in his name as an inheritance. Those who come to believe in the redemption that the cross of Christ has won for us are given the right to be in the family of God.   

His Father gave him people from among his kindred the Israelites and also people in all the rest of the world.

You can judge the value of this Salvation by seeing what price the Lord Jesus was willing to pay for it. He subjected Himself to an unimaginable horror  of a Roman Crucifixion and if you are the kind of person to measure rightly, don't reject so great a salvation. 

He has paid the price for your Salvation and wherever on earth you are and whatever tribe or tongue you belong to, repenting from your sin and accepting his sacrifice on the cross as yours, you will be accepted into the family of God.   

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