Sunday, February 14, 2021


The Lord is causing an internecine war to occur in the ranks of the forces of darkness. 

The next thing that will occur next is that the whole political machinery of the powers of darkness will be brought under the control of a fierce and  cruel commander.

Those who have followed this path will begin to regret joining the organization as it bares its fangs. For the first time, many will see the truly dark side of the ideology they have embraced. 

As the prophets are proclaiming, the whole evil edifice will come crashing down. There are a few milestones to cross first but the move of God is imminent. 

A cautionary word: 

Some people have taken to scoffing at and mocking the prophets who are giving the word of God's intervention in the political affairs of the United States. It is prudent to be silent regarding prophets. If you don't believe them, just sit back and observe. If they are wrong, they are not relevant to you anyway.

However, if the prophets are indeed speaking for God and you undertake to mock them, you will have gone against God and if your scoffing causes some to stumble, the loss of these souls may be on your head.

Unless you are a senior prophet correcting junior prophets, don't presume to be the one to correct or mock the prophetic wave. God corrects his own servants.

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