Friday, March 19, 2021


The universe is grand.

It is grand in scale, grand in complexity, grand in beauty, grand in mystery and grand in conception.

The God who made the universe would himself have superlative attributes that vastly supersede the grandness of the universe.

His attributes would reach far beyond the imagination of  any beings who  lived within the confines of the universe He created.

Some speculators have discounted the concept God and declared that existence has some mechanism of creating itself or some infinitely recessionary creative process that depends on no conscious initiator.  

This is of course a foolish pretension. Infinite recursion is not a problem to casually write off as a limitation of human understanding. Infinite recursion nullifies our existence and without a conscious being to bifurcate infinity,  non-existence continues forever or existence continues in a stable state forever. No big bang and not emergence of life.   

A superlative God is the only logically possible  fonz et origo of the realm we live in. 

To correctly reach this conclusion will bring you to a fork in the road. Is the God who made the universe a God who created everything we know and went on to other things far beyond our reach  or is He, as many claim, interested in the universe and the people who spring from it

An absent God is more logical than no God at all but given the propensities of humans on this earth to argue this point through eons of time, a present God would  be the superior option. The emergence of a God-questioning species implies that a creative God built the human template with the desire to find the reason for their creation and perhaps even to know the nature of the being that made them. It is way more logical to conclude that a very present God exists and does so within reach of the human species.

This God is willing and able to intercept the course of human history and even go so far as to give His life to redeem us from the ghastly predicament our own nature brought us to.

The God who sacrifices His life to save men from destruction is the ultimate superlative being and His name is Jesus of Nazareth.

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