Monday, March 15, 2021


It has been said that the air has changed. It is rumbling and trembling causing anxiety or uneasiness.

As for me, I just have a foreboding of what is to come but if I were sensitive to spiritual atmospheres, I bet I would feel it as a rumble or a tremble or a deep rolling thunder.

The intensity builds as the spirit world brushes up against the corporeal realm. 

The event will strike and the whole world will not be same again. Those who imagined that they could usurp already functional countries to try their totalitarian experiments will discovery that their ambitions will die in the face of catastrophe.  After all, they planned to  route the wealth of  nations to themselves.  In the absence of wealth and indeed routes, their ideology collapses back into the sludge from whence it came.

The truth become primal and the Christ Jesus becomes the apex towards whom all  things aim. 

His day fast approaches.  

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