Sunday, April 18, 2021


In the passage of our lives, we human beings run into circumstances where they contract illnesses both physical, and mental. As well, we sometimes run into physical and mental injuries because of  trauma that we encounter.  

In many cases, especially in modern times,  human specialists can intervene and repair the effects of these various illnesses and injuries. A doctor could mend your broken leg or a psychiatrist could prescribe drugs  to alleviate mental anguish.

In many more case, people find that they cannot afford medical intervention or that their problems exceed the capabilities of the medical practitioners around them.  

It at these points that desperation can lead some to call out for metaphysical intervention. Some may seek the assistance of tribal medicine men or witch doctors.  Other will see spiritual practitioners of traditions like Reiki or New Age practices.

It is however, the Christian culture of calling on the creator of the universe to heal our infirmities that raises a profoundly stirring question. Could asking the creator of the universe and the creator of our bodies and minds be inclined to assist with the repair of us when we need help?

Christian history is replete with examples of otherwise hopeless cases being redeemed by  miraculous intervention.  In the bible, the gospels record  a man born blind suddenly sees and a woman with a terrible back injury is suddenly able to stand up straight and walk normally after being stooped over for 18 years.

In fact the whole bible lists a large number of cases where people called uppong GOd to heal them of ailments and these ailments would be remediated immediately. In rarer events, people who had been described as dead were revived from death and returned to life.

If the God of the Universe has proclaimed his willingness to heal people, would this not be an irrefutable proof of His authorship of the universe and of human life and is in fact deeply involved in the affairs of men?

The healing of  humans is a calling card of the Most High God. If you seek His promises pertaining to healing and press Him for intervention, you will be astounded by the immediacy and  efficacy of God's response.

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