Monday, May 31, 2021


The great wisdom of God put in place the salvation of mankind with astonishing implications.

Jesus, the perfect Son of God, gave Himself over to the Roman soldiers. In their custody, He endured false trials and accusations. He also endured humiliation and brutal scurging.

He was finally abandoned to death by crucifixion where He suffered and died. He descended into Hell and put again on trial in the spirit realm. However, in the realm of the dead, Jesus was too perfect to be held by darkness. His brilliance detonated in hell sending the powers and principalities into a humiliating naked panicked frenzy that made them a spectacle before all of creation. 

Jesus rose again and appeared to many witnesses. He then ascended into heaven where He was coroneted as the king of kings and Lord of Lords over all of creation.

It is from this lofty throne that He rules and reigns over all the affairs of His kingdom.

The wisdom of God, by mysteries set up before time, placed we who believe into the person of Jesus so that when Jesus died, we died with Him. Then when Jesus triumphed over the kingdom of darkness, we triumphed with Him. When Jesus rose from the dead and emerged from the grave, we rose with Him.

This is what is symbolized when we are baptized. We go into the watery grave  in death then we come out of the water in resurrection.

When Jesus ascended into heaven, we ascended with Him and when He was coroneted, we were coroneted with Him so that when He rules and reigns, we rule and reign with Him.

How wonderous is our God. 

Praise and honor Him.


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