Thursday, May 13, 2021


The Lord of our salvation gives us two welcoming gifts when we are born into His kingdom. The gift of peace that passes all understanding and the gift of joy that is our strength.

The peace that He gives us truly is beyond understanding. In a place in the center of your heart and soul is a strange zone that you don't even realize that it is an area of turbulence. 

The Lord Jesus, who  has one royal title of " Prince of Peace", places His peace in your heart and calms a storm you didn't even know was raging.  You suddenly find a stillness deep inside that is indescribable to any person who has not experienced it. It is like explaining music to a person born deaf. 

The other gift is joy. This gift seems to bubble out of experience with the Lord. When you encounter Him and grasp how immediate and how personal He is, you find joying welling up in your heart almost as an involuntary response to His drawing near to you.

For these two wonderful gifts, give thanks to the Lord. 

If you have not experienced these two things, the Lord will save you first by your belief in Him and your belief that He died on a cross to pay for your sins.

The Lord will save you and from there, peace and joy.


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