Monday, May 10, 2021


The Lord our God is from everlasting to everlasting. 

There is nothing that can escape His notice. He knows when every sparrow falls. 

In His knowledge of all things, the Lord works in wisdom to perform His purposes. 

He undertakes insurmountable tasks ( like the salvation of men ) and devises plans to accomplish them. For example, He, being  perfect and loving, incorporated plans of great sacrifice of Himself by dying on a cross to accomplish His goal which was to save those He loves.

This daunting sacrifice of His life made possible the gift of redemption  which He offers to all men. All that we have to do is to be humble and believe in His gift of sacrifice and accept His matchless gift. 

This offer by God is wonderful news to to those who are repentant of their sins and is the power of salvation to those who believe.

The bible admonishes us not to overlook so great a salvation for there is no other way under heaven that the souls of mankind might be saved.



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