Friday, September 17, 2021


The Lord our God makes his dwelling place in heaven and rules His great Kingdom from there.

In Psalm 102 verses 1 - 2 it says: 

The LORD says to my Lord: “Sit at My right hand Until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet.”

The LORD will stretch forth Your strong scepter from Zion, saying, “Rule in the midst of Your enemies.”

In other words, Jesus, in His ascension to heaven, was seated at the right hand of God the Father.  From the headquarters of the kingdom of God  called Zion, Jesus administrates the affairs of His Kingdom and it from there that allocations and  commands and decrees of the Kingdom are issued.

In Psalm 115 verses 2 - 4, God's place is also defined.

Why do the nations say, “Where is their God?” Our God is in heaven he does whatever pleases him.  

Bless the name of the Lord.


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