Sunday, September 12, 2021


As the Lord was dying on the cross, He gave up His Spirit and then hung his head and died. 

The whole of creation was in a suspended state as the clocked ticked off the hours after the Lord's passing.

All those who had hoped in Him were in shock as they came to terms with the reality that all their hopes were crushed with the death and burial of Jesus.

What was not visible to them was that Jesus had descended into hell where they accommodated Him even though He was innocent.  The princes of darkness mounted a trial in the spirit to find fault with him. 

Nothing was found in Him and His righteousness exonerated him from the condemnation of hell. Jesus suddenly was imbued with the Spirit of God and He exploded in a light show that left the spirits of darkness scrambling in a humiliating panic as the Lord Jesus demonstrated that He was the light of the world. 

He went to the gates of hell, acquired the keys and freed those who had sat in darkness waiting for His appearing and He emerged from hell leading out  the first fruits of His salvation. 

He rose from the dead bodily and when He ascended into heaven, He was coronated and sat at the right hand of God the father as the king and  administrative head of the kingdom of God which is called Zion.

From that throne, Jesus rules His  Kingdom of which there shall be no end.


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