Sunday, January 02, 2022


The most prominent part of Jesus' ministry was the healing of the sick and the disabled.

Everywhere He went, people with all manner of conditions approached Him and He graciously healed them.

In some cases, the Lord healed leprosy and in other cases, He restored sight to the blind.

In some cases, paralytics were able to walk again while in other cases, the deaf were able to hear.

In some cases, epileptics were freed from their debilitation and in other cases, people with withered limbs were able to stretch them out again.

In one recorded case, a woman with severe menstrual problems was cured while in another, a man plagued by demonic spirits was liberated from them.

In every variant and form, human afflictions were met with the power and authority of the Lord Jesus.

These afflictions were summarily reversed in order to restore the sufferers to normal lives by the miraculous capabilities weilded by the Son of God.

Bless our God who heals us.


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