Saturday, April 09, 2022


Isaiah chapter 13 verse 4, enigmatically says this;

Listen, a noise on the mountains,  like that of a great multitude!

Listen, an uproar among the kingdoms, like nations massing together!

The Lord Almighty is mustering an army for war.

This breath-taking passage describes a roaring noise coming from the mountains that sounds like a huge in-gathering taking place and this amassing of kingdoms and nations  is specified in the verse as the Lord mustering an army for war.

This event is mirrored in Joel chapter 2 verse 2 that details the day as dark and gloomy and like the rising sun cresting over mountains, a gigantic army appears the likes of which has never been and never will be again. The passage reads this way;

...a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and blackness.

Like dawn spreading across the mountains a large and mighty army comes such as never was in ancient times nor ever will be in ages to come.

This unprecedented army is presently being mustered by the Lord as the time of battle draws near. 

The Lord's people, who were far away, are being drawn close into the operations of the kingdom of God and are being trained in the ways of the Spirit. The accoutrements of battle are being distributed accordingly and those called into service are being trained in their roles by the Lord and His angels.

Bless the Lord who is the head of this army and for including us in its number.


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