Thursday, April 07, 2022


Having done a study of Ezekiel chapter 19 verse 3 - 5, let us take a detailed look at Ezekiel chapter 19 verse 3. The verse goes like this;

She brought up one of her cubs, and he became a strong lion. He learned to tear the prey and he became a man-eater.

The "she" in this  metaphor is the lioness who represents the spiritual Israel. She was a formidable lioness among the other lions who represent the spiritual nations that surrounded Israel.

Verse 3 focuses on a specific and deliberate action that the lioness took to bring up one of her cubs such that he became a strong lion.

The cubs represent the princes of Israel that she had and the particular one she set apart became a strong lion. This  cub was a specific prince who was captured and taken down to Egypt in fetters as the subsequent scriptures reveal.

In training the prince in spiritual matters, he became skilled in the administration of the things of the spirit and also of the natural world. His skill gave him the ability to dominate the affairs of men and he was found to be one who knew the courses of men's lives and even the courses of nations.

This cub represents Joseph.

He was sold as a slave by his brothers and was taken to Egypt in fetters. From a slave, his skill and discernment caused him to successfully  navigate the hazards of Egypt and he ultimately rose up to rule over Egypt as one who knew the future and one who held the fate of men's lives in his hands.

Such are those who are chosen to be princes in the kingdom of God and empowered by Him to fulfill their destinies in this world.


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