Thursday, August 04, 2022


John chapter 7 verses 9 - 10 (Amp. Ver.) says this;

Having said these things to them, He stayed behind in Galilee.

But [afterward], when His brothers had gone up to the feast, He went up too, not publicly [with a caravan], but quietly [because He did not want to be noticed].

The Lord Jesus was facing threats against His  life from the authorities in Jerusalem and so he moved from place to place in the Galilee area and  stayed away from the areas around Jerusalem.

The Feast of Tabernacles was approaching when the people of Israel traditionally travelled down to gather in Jerusalem to participate in the festivities.

Jesus' brothers tried to provoke Him to go to Jerusalem to demonstrate His powers and learning in the prominent city so as to gain the fame that would establish Him as a public figure in the nation.

Jesus explained to His brothers that His time had not yet come meaning that going into Jerusalem would trigger an untimely arrest that was not propitious to the purposes of God.

However, after staying in Galilee till His brothers left for Jerusalem, Jesus, eschewing the main caravan of travelers, moved incognito southwards and quietly slipped into Jerusalem so that the authorities who were threatening His life  would not have advanced notice of His arrival or know His whereabouts.

The leaders in Jerusalem who sought to kill Him, searched but could not find Him and were only able to locate Him after He had taken a position in the temple and had begun teaching the crowd of people about the kingdom of God.

The leaders could do nothing to Him because the multitudes of people He was teaching were enthralled by Him.

The Lord boldly walked into the lion's den and the lion's mouths were stopped.


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