Thursday, April 29, 2021


It doesn't matter who you are. You need to be redeemed by God.

You may think that you are exempt from the fate  that humans face when they are eternally adrift from God but you are wrong.

If you have not believed that the Lord Jesus Christ shed his blood and died to save you from your sins, you will be eternally lost.

The gift that is given for salvation is straight forward and free  and so it is perhaps easy to ignore it. However,  the regret of having passed up a free gift that would have redeemed you out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light will be a bitter pill to swallow.

At least give serious consideration to something that pertains to your soul because once the curtains close, there is absolutely no way of getting a second chance. All second chances are gained while you are alive on the earth. Once the silver string is cut, once the golden bowl is broken, your eternal destiny is sealed.

Call on the name of Jesus with a believing and humble heart and He will hear you and translate you from darkness to light. 

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