Saturday, May 01, 2021


The Lord Jesus Christ is the superlative saviour. He is majestic and magnificent and awesome.

He willingly undertook to bear the sins of all mankind by surrendering to the Roman soldiers and then enduring a brutal physical penalty and then an excrutiating death on a cross. 

He undertook the death on the cross that we may have life but He also undertook the physical torture so that we could live healthy and be healed by His stripes. 

Further to that, in rising from the dead, He secured our resurrection and then when He ascended into heaven, He invited us to ascend with Him to be seated with Him in heavenly places. 

Further to that, He offers us His wisdom to navigate through life. He gives us comfort for the broken hearted. He offers peace that passes all understanding. He offers joy as a gift for just knowing Him and His salvation.  

He then goes further yet and Loves us with an everlasting love which He demonstrates to us through His faithfulness and His steadfastness and His patience and His provision and His presence.

There is none like Him.

Who is this king of glory?

The Lord God of hosts.


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