Thursday, June 10, 2021


The Lord Jesus said He is 'the Truth'. By asserting this,  He is ranking himself as 'Truth' itself rather than a correct or accurate rendering of an event or reality.

He is conflating Himself with the source and origin of all things which confers on Him the title of 'ultimate Truth'. This means that everything in existence can only gets its actualization from its position on a framework that is established relative to Him.

'The Truth' is different from what is true in a quantitative sense.

What is true about us humans is that we are mammals who use complex language for communication and that we live on a planet near a yellow sun. These are true things about human beings. 

The architecture of our societies and our roles in them may also have some true prescriptions for us but these can only give partial or temporal answers to our inquiries about what we humans are.

However, Truth, as far as what is ultimately going on with us humans,  is what the  actual position and status of our species is on the framework relative to Jesus Himself. 

Knowledge of this would give us the correct coordinates so that we could ( at the very least ), understand what we actually are and perhaps what we are actually supposed to be doing here.

The One who is the Truth, Jesus, is the only provision that is given to the human race for gaining the proper understanding of our  status as humans. 

That status is that we are hereditarily enjoined to a kingdom of darkness  to which we would be eternally committed except for the intervention by the Truth Himself, Jesus. He, the Truth, stooped into our fallen world to redeem any who would hear His offer of salvation and willingly accept it.

This great salvation was paid for by the pain and agony of Jesus on the cross and  by the blood He shed to pay the ransom to extricate us from darkness.

Whatever else you do, don't overlook so great an offer of salvation. There is no other route provided to get to the ultimate truth and to our God.


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