Sunday, June 06, 2021


The Lord Jesus was confronted by the leaders of the city concerning the woman caught in adultery.

They brought her before Jesus and asked Him whether she should be stoned as the law of Moses required.

This question before Jesus was a serious legal question and a woman's life was at stake. Her life depended on whether He  could make a just rebuttal to the judgement and sentence that would be pronounced on her.

Famously, Jesus countered her accusers by saying, "He who is without sin, cast the first stone". This is a powerful argument against the woman's accusers that required that they could only carry out the sentence if they themselves had the legal standing to do so by being morally pure themselves.

Of course, each person there, in their imbalanced judgement ( that somehow excluded the adulterous man in the case ), knew that their own lives were full of the kind of sins that would have subjected them to the same punishment had the sins been known and charges pressed.

Jesus demonstrated His role as our advocate. Even as we live before Him, Jesus acts as our legal defender before the courts of the spirit. Here, He defends us and makes unanswerable defences in our favour and we are released from our accusers to return to our lives as justified citizens of His kingdom.

Honor the great Lord who continually defends us. 


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