Wednesday, June 09, 2021


An early name for Christians was 'People of the Way'.

This is what Christianity was understood to be at its onset: 'The Way'. The definite artical indicated the exclusivity of the path that Christianity was  presented as. It is not that it was reserved for an elite few but rather that it was the only way a person might be saved from their sins.

Other world views of the time had elaborate patterns of religious activity to atone for the sins of their adherents while others required sacrifices of different kinds to appease the capricious  gods who ruled over them.

Christianity alone pointed to an ultimate God who gave Himself as a sacrifice to redeem those who responded to His offer of salvation.

With the ultimate God so recently on ground in the presence of witnesses, the confidence of Christians was game-changing. 'The Way' swept through every corridor of society from the slave quarters to soldier's barracks. It eventually percolated up to the higher echelons of the prevailing cultures.

Jesus Himself said that He was the way.   He did not say that He knew 'the way'. He said that He was the Way and that no one could reach the Father except through Him.

This is the extraordinary thing about Christianity.  The God of all creation was Himself the way out of our sinful quagmire and up to the destiny our creator intended  for us.

By sacrificing His own life and dying on a cross for us, the Lord Jesus became the Way through whom we might be saved by believing in Him. 


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